Coral KidZ Club Launch


In July 2015, Grand Fiesta Americana Coral Beach Cancun was opening the brand-new $2 million, 40,000 sq ft state-of-the-art Coral KidZ Club, built to rival any other children’s facility in Latin America.

Designed by the award-winning firm Launch by Design, the new high tech Coral KidZ Club was created to ignite and excite the resort’s Generation Z guests with more than 40 indoor/outdoor activities. Given this investment, we needed to emphasize the club’s innovative technology and highly interactive environment. The agency planned a NYC event for family travel media and mommy bloggers and their children at the Sony Wonder Technology Labs, a venue chosen for its high tech and kid-friendly vibe. In addition to the property’s GM, the principal of the design firm co-hosted and was on hand for media questions. The 2-hour event provided guests of all ages full run of the Sony Wonder Lab, specialty Mexican-themed cocktails and cuisine, and a formal press presentation of the new club.


The event’s main objective was to announce and publicize the opening of the new state-of-the-art children’s facility at the resort.

The family travel media and mommy bloggers were also encouraged to visit the resort in the future. Having first-hand experience of the club with their families will generate feature coverage, thus supporting our goal of creating and enhancing interest in the resort as a family friendly destination, and ultimately of increasing family bookings. Featuring the club’s designer as an event co-host and having her share her in-depth insights of Generation Z and how the club caters to its particular needs, helped position the resort as a cutting-edge innovator.

Coral KidZ Club Launch
Target Audience

Family travel media and mommy bloggers in the Metro NY area were invited to attend the event.

The target of the resulting coverage was to reach national audience, as well as the Tristate area which is the largest market for both the resort and the destination of Cancun.

Research, Planning, and Implementation

The agency researched family-friendly venues, chose the Sony Lab, and then liaised with the on-site team to coordinate all logistics, including client branding opportunities on numerous monitors and theGobo logo on the floor.

We then selected a caterer, created a menu of upscale Mexican cuisine and cocktails for the adults and kids’ favorites along with a pint-sized bar for mocktails. A professional photographer was hired to capture the event. The invites included top-tier family travel media as well as a bevy of Mommy bloggers. Kids were free to play the Sony games and enjoyed sitting in on the presentation. Special beach-themed gifts were resourced and purchased including logo-ed Pro Kadima sets and Bluetooth speakers for the adults. Kids each received a logo-ed beach pail, beach ball, and Pro Kadima set. Press materials and images were distributed on a flash drive. The agency staffed the event, ensured journalists met the GM and designer, and followed up with all media.

Coral KidZ Club Launch
The Key Difference

That Grand Fiesta Americana Coral Beach Cancun, with its news state-of-the-art Coral KidZ Club, is the ideal family vacation destination. The new club’s use of cutting edge technology is designed to encourage interaction with other children as well with parents.

Designed for Gen Z, which only knows a world with instant internet access, innovative technology was integrated into the club’s physical structure to encourage “edutainment” play. Specifically created with them in mind, the club was strategically planned to provide this new generation of savvy independent thinkers infinite opportunities to explore and deploy their creativity and imagination. This 360-degree experience will satisfy their active nature, and reward their curiosity with the latest technology and a new environment around every corner. The venue perfectly illustrated this message, and the young guests’ enthusiasm underscored the club’s messaging.




Advertising Value:


The agency secured 50 media to attend along with 20 children. Pre-event coverage included the announcement of the KidZ Club on The New York Times website, by a reporter that was unable to attend. Other editors who were unable to attend also wrote about the new club, including OK! Magazine.

We also took the opportunity of having the GM in New York to arrange a deskside meeting with Travel + Leisure, since they were not able to attend the event. The editors from the influential blog Macaroni Kid and Latina Parents and Yahoo! Travel all attended. Following the event, the mommy bloggers all posted about the event and/or the new club. Several media expressed interest in visiting the resort and experiencing the resort first-hand, and the agency is organizing those media visits through the fall and winter, which will result in future feature coverage.

Total coverage to date generated by the event has an advertising equivalent value of $661,290.03 and 117,335,264 total impressions.