Discover Your Italy


Based in Perugia and founded in 2007, the husband and wife owners of Fuoritinerario – Discover Your Italy (DYI) approached us in Fall 2015 to develop their first US PR campaign with a goal of breaking through the clutter of Italian tour operators and penetrate the consumer market.

We loved their passion, but needed to understand what differentiated them from the Italy noise and their more widely-recognized luxury counterparts. After researching their offerings, it became clear that as Italian’s, DYI provided guests with the opportunity to immerse themselves in the country as locals. In fact, the company’s name, Fuoritinerario, was derived from a combination of Italian words literally meaning “Off the Beaten Path.” Guests who traveled with DYI toured emerging Italian destinations and explored untapped aspects of well-trodden traditional spots via handcrafted itineraries. We would use this unique positioning; their in-depth knowledge, and strong desire to share the “Italian Italy.”


The PR campaign was designed to achieve several goals. The overriding purpose was to bring recognition of the Discover Your Italy’s offerings to the affluent US travelers and travel professional community in order to gain market share from its main competitors.

Another was to generate awareness of DYI’s in-depth knowledge and ability to showcase the “Italian Italy” through handcrafted itineraries that offer innovative and original experiences throughout the country, many inspired by the owners’ own exploration. To differentiate the company from its main competitors, the campaign also sought to communicate the brand’s underlying philosophy of discovery and exploration by focusing on an evolving menu of options for true cultural immersion through a variety of unique and personal connections.

Target Audience

The target audience for this campaign was affluent consumers with an interest in exploring Italy from an off-the-beaten-path angle this included first time guests to Italy as well as those who had traveled to Italy many times before and wanted to explore the country more in-depth. It was a national campaign covering the entire United States. To reach this affluent circle, the campaign focused on national luxury lifestyle outlets, major metropolitan and national newspapers, niche interest titles as well as regional media that hit geographic pockets of wealth. In addition, we targeted invitation-only travel and tourism conferences attended by travel professionals and luxury travel writers.

Research, Planning, and Implementation

What market research was conducted prior to planning the piece/campaign? Describe the production and delivery method used to execute the project. Prior to securing the account, the agency contacted major travel editors, influential freelancers, and industry professionals focused on Italy to understand how a bespoke Italian tour operator could break through already over-saturated market. Upon winning the account, observations were discussed with the client and carefully considered when planning the campaign. We realized there was an exceptional opportunity to highlight an Italy-based husband and wife team who personally travel throughout the country continuously researching experiences and products to enrich and expand their offerings. A plan was designed to showcase the company’s unique attributes in an effort to differentiate it from its competitors. A very deliberate multi-prong strategy was implemented using press releases, one-on-one interviews with the owners, targeted editorial pitches, and individual visits for writers to experience off the beaten path locales or explore untapped aspects of well-trodden traditional spots.

The Key Difference

The campaign’s key messages were that Discover Your Italy is a bespoke Italy based tour operator that offers their clients the opportunity to truly immerse themselves in the country as a local through the people and their traditions, digging deeper into the cultural heart of Italy with true insider access. We focused on the company’s genuine love for their country and a strong desire to share the “Italian Italy” and highlighted this through unique, handcrafted itineraries that showcase how the company uses their extensive expertise to create a mix of must see and “off the beaten path” destinations together with travelers’ individual interests, creating itineraries filled with one-of-a-kind personalized experiences.



total impressions

Travel + Leisure Magazine

“A-List for 2017”

With 64,043,775 total impressions and an advertising equivalent of $1,500,882.10 across a variety of print & online titles, the campaign achieved a significant amount of consumer media coverage. There was a mix of both shorter inclusions as well as feature length articles with much of the coverage focusing on the company’s unique and off the beaten path itineraries. The crowning achievements of this campaign were securing the owners a place, for the first time ever, on Travel + Leisure Magazine’s coveted “A List for 2017” naming them one of the best travel agents in Italy and the only natural Italians on the list. The second was securing them a place at this years sought after LE Miami 2017, an invitation only luxury event for creative, rebellious ‘disruptor’ travel brands. LE Miami told the agency they had enough Italy representation but we pressed for them to meet with Matteo & Daniela, and review their product. Discover Your Italy has already been invited back for LE Miami 2018.